Ways to Give

Support ASAS New Jersey

All-StarMoments-NY.NJ-ParentsIndividual Donations

General donations can be made to After-School All-Stars New Jersey in support of our organization’s mission to help students succeed in school and in life. You can give online today or you can send your check to the address listed below.

ASAS New Jersey
Attn: Nicole Harris
50 Park Place, Suite 1020
Newark, New Jersey 07102

In-Kind Donations

Our students and program benefit from in-kind donations on a daily basis. In-kind donations help us stretch and leverage our resources for programming, national initiatives, special events and operations.

Support ASAS Initiatives

Supporting our initiatives ensures that our students are given exceptional opportunities to learn.
We are Ready
CEO: Career Exploration Opportunity
Sports as a Hook
Life, Service, Action

asasmonSite Sponsorship

At the end of the school day we bring our programming to our All-Stars at their school. We provide direct programming to under resourced schools and students. The students feel the direct impact from site sponsorship. Your support can range from sponsoring an entire school site to funding a bus for a field trip.

Event Sponsorship

Our signature events are: CampUs and Camp Hoop Heroes

What your support looks like in action!

$50 Books for Student Library

$200 Bus Rides to and from special events and field trips

$1,200 Programming for one child for an entire academic year

$5,000 Program Provider for an entire academic year

$10,000 Service Projects for the year – Supplies for neighborhood clean-up projects, community gardens, blankets for those in need

$50,000 Send 50 middle school students to Stem CampUs – A week- long high school & college preparatory camp

$125,000 A full year of programming at one school